2017 End of Year Giving

Dear Club Friends, 

It’s hard to believe another year has passed us by. With the holiday season upon us, we start by saying thank you for the tremendous support you have shown our Club this year. We are grateful for the generosity of individuals like you who continue to support our efforts to make great futures a reality for the next generation.  

This season is often spent with family and loved ones. At the Boys & Girls Club, we are fortunate to provide a second family all year long to the more than 300 young people who walked through our doors this year. Your support ensures that we can continue to serve as an ear, a shoulder, and a helping hand for these young people.  

Every kid deserves a place. A place to feel safe. A place to feel connected. A place to belong. For young people like Isaac, the Boys & Girls Club of Las Cruces is that place. Isaac joined the Club nearly 10 years ago. At 8-years-old, Isaac struggled to make positive interactions with people, often acting out for attention. 

Isaac’s behavior and trouble socializing eventually caused turmoil for him at school, where every day he was shunned, harassed and bullied by his peers. School became a place where he did not feel safe, and his grades and self-esteem began to suffer because of it. 

Fortunately for Isaac, he had something to look forward to every day after school. “During that time, I felt that the Boys & Girls Club was the only safe place I had that wasn’t my own home.” 

A staff member at the Club made a special impact on Isaac, showing him acceptance and giving him the confidence he needed to be himself. This new-found confidence allowed Isaac to flourish through middle school and high school. He continued to come to the Club each day, where he participated in various programs, discovered a new passion when he learned to play the guitar, and even began giving back to the Club by volunteering. 

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to watch Isaac walk across that graduation stage – not just once, but twice. In May, Isaac graduated with his high school diploma from Arrowhead Early College High School AND with his Associates Degree from New Mexico State University. 

What’s he doing today? Today, Isaac is working on his bachelor’s degree in computer science at New Mexico State University. While working on his education, he has a part-time job he cares about at a place he is quite familiar with. Isaac is a youth development specialist at the Boys & Girls Club. 

Isaac’s story is among the thousands of stories that your support has shaped over the years. Since 1963, no matter the reason why they enter our doors, young people leave with the knowledge that the Club provides a fun, safe space and a fostering environment where they can be who they are – and become who they were meant to be. You have the power to keep that tradition going. You have the power to help us write more stories like Isaac’s. 

When you think of ways to give back this holiday season, we ask that you please consider investing in the next great success story at our Boys & Girls Club. Remember that no gift is too small or too large, and all gifts go a long way to help our next generation. Your gift today will ensure that we can continue to be the place where more young people can be themselves, dream big and accomplish their aspirations. 

With sincere appreciation for your support and best wishes this holiday season, 

David Dean                                                                 Ashley Echavarria
Board Chair                                                                Chief Executive Officer
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